August 19, 2003


I thought that was what the stereo is for - cranking up the volume so you can't hear the whistles, rattles and bangs!

Have you suffered through a grade schooler learning to play clarinet? It sounds as though you have personal experience on this issue.

We have an SUV that's still under warranty. I took it back to the dealer for what I thought was "a little" work and they had it a week. They chased bumps and knocks and replaced panels and vents. Too bad they didn't find the intermittent clunk when I accellerate from a stop.....

Buffy, I'll have to post a story about an old car of mine after reading you're comment. I think you might like it even if it doesn't help with your problem.

Bogie, normally the noise didn't bother me (stereo, like you said). But Dudette and I took a trip to Lawrence for a wine fest and 2+ hours up, then back, with no tunes except the door whistle was enough for me. Door Whistle - could be a country band, ya think?

Ladies and Gentlemen, please give it up for Door Whistle - yep, definitely has a nice ring to it.

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