August 10, 2003


Tell him that he better shape up or I'll have to pay him a visit. Then give him some of the names of people I've worked with so he can find out what that means. I'll bet he shapes up (or quits) in no time!

Could you activate the HTML in the comments section please? That last comment would have been a lot more effective if the tags had done their duty!

...hmmm...now I'm scared...how come I didn't find you earlier bogie and you could have helped me sort out the eijits I worked with :^)...

Don't be scared Billy - just don't piss me off! I'm also not sure if my act would work overseas - there's that whole words-mean-something-else thing that I would have to work around (although I am sure my tone of voice and animated gestures would have gotten the point across).

Wich Dude - thanks for turning on the HTML (see, he knows how to stay on my good side).

Hmm the tags didn't work in that post either. If the italics comes up on this post then HTML works and the I have found that the underline tag can't be used. If the italics don't work, then something wonky is happening.

Yup, the italics worked. Another mystery to work out Dr. Watson.

Maybe it only supports certain HTML tags. I know it will support italics and links, but have never tried underlining before. Maybe bold will work instead.

Woops, forgot to close that link tag.

Don't you just love it when I experiment on your blog?

OK with me.

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