August 10, 2003


I'm desolate. His dancing was incomparable. I'm going to have to go out and buy every video and DVD of his work that I can find. The street scene in "Taps" is one of my all time favorites.


My favourite Hines movie isn't even his dancing, it's Running Scared with Billy Crystal.
Amen to your sentiments about the matinee.

And welcome to TypePad, Wichi. I beta tested it and have been through most of the features, So if you want to try me with any questions, feel free.

So now who's da Goddess gonna pester?


Thanks for the welcome Paul. I believe Da Goddess will pester the next innocent person that needs help. I DO believe she would come over and set someone up if they asked her to.

Gregory Hines. Sob! My favorite is White Nights (on loan to a friend at work who recently married a woman from the Ukraine who is a dead ringer for the actress who played Gregory's wife in it).

Hines was supposed to open the season for Concord's capitol Center. There were 2 shows scheduled, one of which tickets had already been sold for and the other in which tickets were supposed to go on sale today.

He was supposed to appear out here as well and canceled the show at the last minute, no explaination that I remember. Guess now we know.

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