August 21, 2003


Let me see, a Human Sexuality class would be about, I don't know, Accounting?

Wichi Dude, while you were fuming about educating children, your child became an adult. I agree that children should be educated about consequences of actions taken; but, it's even harder for me to imagine why an adult would object to being educated in the subject. Is this course an elective or required? If it is elective, you are batting 1000 when you allude to dim bulbs. If the course is required (which it could conceivably be, in the field of nursing), perhaps the people who found the subject matter offensive should consider another field.

It was an elective. Turns out the "H.S." class tends to have FULL participation every semester, in every school that offers it. Though if you remember, Susan Waggle went off, on I think KU, after her intern said she thought the material was pornographic. Waggle raised the roof but nothing was said about her even checking out the course materials. She just responded to her interns "OPINION". (Unless I missed a report in one of the papers. Which I don't think I did.)
The school promised to review the material before the teacher could teach the course again. Scary, huh.
Like I said, welcome to the bible belt. Set your morals back, oh I don't know, how about to the Inquisition. Sounds good.

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