August 30, 2003


We are so desparate for rain that I've had to water this year. I had the sprinkler going in an area of the herb garden that I want to finish weeding tomorrow. We looked out the kitchen window and discovered a flock of sparrows were playing in the streams of water. They'd let the water hit them and then shake as if to say "Brrrrr." A few were fluttering their wings in the chat of the walkway, and others were playing in the wet plants. I guess a good time was had by all! *S*

Buffy's description of her yard and gardening a couple of days ago (I don't recall which blog it was on--Wichi Dude's, Bogie's, or Fred 1st's) sounded so familiar that I wondered, at first, whether I had written it and forgotten having done so. It was a relief to see that it had been posted by Buffy. Chicago and Kansas have had similar weather, evidently.
We had more than 6 inches of rain, here in Derby KS, during 8/29/2003-8/30/2003. Mother Nature decided to make up for having neglected to send us rain for the several weeks prior.
Now, Wichi Dude: What kind of ducks are they?

Cute ones. :)

LOLLOL (little old lady laughs out loud)

You're going to start a new "snippet" for the web if you keep this up.

I like the snippet - we'll have to popularize it!


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