August 25, 2006


There's an Air Fest at Jabara this weekend. Too bad about the weather.

It is always cool to watch jets performing aerobatics.

It's hard to believe that jets can actually go slow enough to fly formation with a prop!

Bogie--The propeller airplane was probably going flat out and the jet was probably doing its version of slow flight.

You may (but probably do not) recall that, in the 1970s, I flew your grandparents to friends's 50th wedding anniversary in Tulsa OK. On approach, Approach Control told us to look out our port windows to see the Space Shuttle. I thought he was kidding, but Mom looked and there it was. We were in a Cessna Turbo Centurion (T210) and were going within 10-20 knots of the same speed as the 747/Space Shuttle that was approaching to land on a parallel runway. Of course, we may have been doing 130-140 knots--I don't recall--since we were not yet on short final approach.

As I recall, approach speed for the C-5A (largest military cargo plane with 4 jet engines) is about 97 knots (don't quote me on that), and they used to refuel B-47s (6 jet engines) using a KC-97 tanker (4 propeller engines). Not sure that the KC-97 was used to refuel B-52s, but I do know that everyone was relieved when all KC-97s were replaced with KC-135s (4 jet engines). Now, although the KC-97 is still the workhorse, the KC-10 (4 jet engines--military version of the overseas DC-10) has been doing tanker duty for some years.

Got off on a tangent, didn't I? Sorry.

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