August 29, 2006


I tried having WS there to help me pick out frames, but he always just ended up laughing and saying "I don't care". Thanks a lot!

Now, with contacts, I can see what the frames look like. Of course, that means I haven't gotten new glasses since I got the first set of contacts (back in the late 90's) so it doesn't matter anyway.

I do have a perscription for bifocals (got the script in the spring), but figure that my eyes are changeing so fast that it makes no sense to fill it.

Bogie-Do you also use the same reasoning with a shower? Well I might as well not take a shower today because I am just going to have to take another one tomorrow. Just kidding! Also, this is the exact reason you have to have kids. So they can help you pick out glasses. I do for Dudette.
Wichidude-Hope the glasses work well for you. Let me know when you get them and I will see if Dudette does good work. hehe

If I actually used the glasses for more than just finding my way around the house before I put my contacts in in the morning, I would update them more frequently. But since I can still read with the lower perscription (they aren't bifocals), my current ones do the job I need.

That's a hoot - have kids help out with picking out the glasses. Kids just live to embarress their parents - enough said.

True! That is our primary job as children. However, Dudette also uses me as free child labor by carrying the heavy stuff and being her fashion consultant.

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